Sunday, January 29, 2012


Every person needs money.  The money will happiness to all.
Who is the main person for money, that is non other than Goddess Lakshmi.  How to get money.  Please follow the procedures

**  Be a self-confident person and have faith on god.

** Work hard

** Never waste a single minute

**  Don't ignore even a single opportunity

** Never delay the work

** Get advice from a qualified person

**  Worship your work

**  Never spend for unwanted things.

**  Don't react for Profit or Loss.  Accept the things as it is .

**  Don't be a selfish person

** Never borrow a single penny

If you follow the above steps you will shine in your life with money

Tuesday, January 24, 2012


"When the world knocks you down,

get back up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It is better to be knocked down again

rather than to be kicked when 


Saturday, January 21, 2012

Marriage will not delay if you do fasting on Thai Ammavasai (no moon day in Thai month)

Tomorrow is Thai Ammavasai  No moon day.  All the months No moon days are special those who are not having their parents they are doing fasting on that day .

Especially this Thai ammavasai day if you do the fasting, you will immediately get your pair. 

Tomorrow too much crowd will come in Cauvery, Bhavani and Rameswaram ,  In all these places people will do the padayal to their Ancestors and pray for their blessings.

Another special is in this Thai Ammavasai, in Tirunelveli Nellaiappar Gomathiamman temple they will light one lakh deepam.

Thousands of people from the nearby will come and light the deepams in side the temple.  The whole day is no moon day no everywere light day.

Please do the prayers on Thai ammavasai day and get your pair immediately.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012


It is a real story 

My neighbour got baby after 20 years of marriage.  They have been praying god for the past 20 years they did all the things for baby.  But all in vain.  Finally one of our aunty told to pray Lord muruga and they got boy baby.  They delivered yesterday.

Those who in need of child, they have to do this fasting.  Start with Friday i.e. last friday of the month, wake up in the morning and take bath and go to the near murugan temple by walk.

Please do archana on both the couple's name and please offer white flowers to the god.  Donot eat food in the morning.  Only fruits and milk.

In the afternoon only full meals and night same milk and fruits.  If you continue this fasting for 48 weeks after 12 weeks you will get more changes in your life.  

The end of the fasting you will get child too.

Please pray god Muruga and get the baby

Friday, January 13, 2012


Most of the people doesnot know how to pray others?

If you go to temple and pray in front of the god means your hands should be one feet above your head and do the prayers

If it is a teacher .. then your hands will be in front of your forehead

If it is your  Father .. Your hands will be in front of your mouth

If it is saint .. Your hands will be in front of your chest

If it is your mother .. Your hands will be in front of your stomach 

What ever it may be be humble in doing your prayer. 

Tuesday, January 10, 2012


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