Tuesday, February 15, 2011

longest kiss .. guinness world record - 2011

On february 14th 2011 A Thai couple has made history with the longest kiss ever during a Valentine's Day after they locked lips for 46 hours, 24 minutes and nine seconds.

The event took place at a southern beach resort town, claim it marked the longest recorded smooch in history.

Fourteen couples had started off the contest at 6 a.m. on February 13, and by February 14 afternoon, half had already beaten the record and were still smooching away on the corridor of an oceanside shopping mall in Pattaya.

A Bangkok couple, Ekkachai and Laksana Tiranarat, emerged as the winner, and they were awarded a diamond ring worth 50,000 Thai Baht (1,606 dollars), and a cash prize of 100,000 Baht (3,213 dollars).

According to Guinness World Records, whose officials will have to verify the latest milestone for it to become official, the previous record of just over 32 hours had been set by a couple in Germany in 2009.he rule for the kissathon is that couples should lock lips all the time, and if they wish to have a drink they have to do so using straws while continuing the kiss.

And if they wish to use the bathroom, they have to continue embracing each other, while accompanied by contest monitors. But the harshest rule was no sitting or sleeping.


  1. I can't imagine...........
    I can't believe it...
    Its a long time, how did the do it..???

  2. for the record: hahahaha...no comments... :P
    anyways...nice post... :)

  3. haha !! Thats a little weird. Lip locking for 46 hours? First i read 46 minutes (lol) then i saw its hours only.:P

  4. hmmm escapist. Any way thanks for sharing your comment

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