Thursday, April 19, 2012

PILLAYAR TEMPLE.. you will get children


Always old is gold.  This temple is more than 1000 years old.   In this temple, Ramar, Lakshmanar both were visited.  

Raja Raja cholan visited this temple very long back may be more than 1000 years 

An interesting story about this temple...

A pandit usualy do Pooja in this temple.  Suddenly he was having some urgent work, so he went out on that he informed his son to do the pooja.  His son did the pooja and asked the lord to eat the prasadam.  Pillayar dint come .  The boy afraid that he did some mistake in the pooja and he start hitting his head on the statue.  Immediately Lord Ganesh came and had the food.  In the night his father came and boy informed about the pooja and all.

His dad dint accept his sayings, he thought his son is bluffing, he wants to see what he is doing, next day he told his son today too u do the pooja, his son agreed and did the Pooja.  His father hide his body behind the statue and watched the pooja,  when he saw the Ganesha has come and had the prasadam, at that time he understand his mistake.

He obeyed the Lord and informed to the public about this.

Every year , tamil month Vaigasi i.e. May 15 to June 15 they are conducting some functions.  If you happened to visit this temple means all your sorrows will go away.

This temple is situated at Kadalur, Kattumannar Koil near Thirunaraiyur.


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