Monday, August 13, 2012


It is good new and cool news too for the passengers who are travelling from Delhi to Jaipur.  The Railway Department going to run this Double Decker A/c Train on 16th August 2012.  This Train is starting from Delhi Sara Rohilla Railway Station. 

The timings is Every day evening 5.30 it is starting from Delhi Sara Rohilla Railway Station and reaching Jaipur at 10.05 pm.  As per Recent Budget announcement, Another Double Decker A/c Train going to run between Mumbai - Ahmedabad in the end of this August 2012.

Already a Double Decker Train is running between Howrah-Dun bath.

This Double Decker Train is having 12o seats and in every compartment there is a fire extinguisher. 

Also in every compartment there are total 8 emergency exits.

A good news for the food eater that there is small canteen with a fridge and microwave oven.  

Do not wait too long.  Only wait for 3 more days to go in this train.

Go..... and enjoy..........


  1. wowww its a great news..thanks for sharing..

  2. Interesting. In our childhood days there used to be double decker bus. Now a double decker train. Need to have a look at this train for curiosity sake.

  3. Nice to learn about it. In fact there were plans long ago but things get delayed.